ChemLine® ‘Preventing Corrosion’ Coatings Newsletters


Issue 32 – David J. Keehan Named President of Advanced Polymer Coatings

Issue 31 – Tubitak Photographic Research Illustrates Higher Crosslink Density of ChemLine® Coatings

Issue 30 – Performance Benefits of Lining Versatility for Rail Tankcars

Issue 29 – Taiwan Chemical Producer Calls on ChemLine® Protective Coating

Issue 28 – ChemLine® Protects Concrete & Secondary Containment Areas

Issue 27 – ChemLine® Coatings for Chemical Processing

Issue 26 – ChemLine® Coatings Provide High Corrosion Protection for Tanks with Aggressive Chemicals

Issue 25 – ChemLine® Provides Sulphuric Acid Tank Storage Service for Chemical Company in Columbia

Issue 24 – Major Power Plant in Turkey Protects Stack and Facility Equipment with ChemLine® Coatings

Issue 23 – ChemLine® Coatings Offer Advanced Corrosion Protection for Demanding Power Industry Needs.

Issue 22 – ChemLine® Delivers Superb Corrosion Protection for Lining Cargo Tanks in the Transportation Sector.

Issue 21 – Korea Tank Lorry Co. Employs ChemLine for OTR Tanker Sulphuric Acid Service.

Issue 20 – Applicator ‘Universal Coatings Corporation’ Promotes ChemLine® Protective OTR Tank Linings.

Issue 19 – Monel Steel Reactor Has Long History Using ChemLine® Coating to Protect Against Hazardous Acids Service.

Issue 18 – AVES Relies on ChemLine® Coating to Maintain Product Purity in Edible Oil Storage Tanks.

Issue 17 – Transport Resources Relies on ChemLine® for 50-98% Sulfuric Acid Service and Other Chemical Cargoes.

Issue 16 – One of a Series Examining Concrete Protection Protecting Concrete Surfaces with ChemLine® Coatings.