1Fed Com Analysis Services

Fed Com Analysis Services-In response to any injury of passengers or crew on cruise ships and passenger ferries, Fed Com can establish why the accident occurred and how to prevent such occurrences in the future.

2Our Values

It is not our values that define us, rather we that define our values. Only we can further build upon our existing foundation, and this is an obligation that binds. We want to shape the future and implement improvements. We achieve this by working with equal measures of expertise, passion, integrity, empowerment and accountability



projectsEnergy Projects

  • Project- Study on Global Shale Plays and Business Opportunities.
  • Project- Study on Setting up of Natural Gas Trading Hub in UAE.
  • Project- LNG Procurement Strategy for LNG Company.
  • Project- Ship/LNG Terminal interface – Regulatory Requirements.
  • Project- LNG Terminal Revenue Stream Identification and Projection.
  • Project- Study on Prospects of LNG as a Bunkering Fuel.
  • Project- Study on Alternate Marine Bunker Fuel.
  • Project- Well-to-Propeller Life cycle Analysis of Marine Bunke5r Fuels.

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